My Fresh Start Story


My fresh start story begins when I moved from a small town in Pennsylvania to New York City after college. With a few suitcases of clothing and a few dollars in my pocket, I daringly took a leap and made a fresh start into the big city life that I had dreamed of living since I was a little girl. Before I knew it, I had landed a dream job working in the magazine publishing industry at People Magazine. I had a super cool career and access to all of the latest and greatest fitness trends. Moreover, I was in my element exploring the mouthwatering culinary scene. I had a rich life filled with friends and family, but some of them were struggling with diet and weight issues.

As time went on, they started approaching me for insider tips and wanted to know my secret for staying fit (especially given my passion for good food!). I began to consider what a career in nutrition might look like. How could I best teach what I know?

Fast forward several years, I have a vibrant family with two growing sons and an athletic life in Seattle -- the land of mountains, lakes, technology and health-crazed humans. But you know what? I never stopped thinking about my loved ones who wanted to improve and advance their nutrition. 

My signature nutrition coaching curriculum was developed (after years of rejecting fads and trends) by applying the classic methods to solve the health goals of the people closest to me -- that's what it takes to make your Fresh Start!

I'm not the coach that is going to prescribe cleanses and I don’t believe in diets. This whole healthy thing doesn't have to feel like torture, promise! I believe in indulging and enjoying your favorite treats every now and again...but it takes accountability, support and encouragement to shift from everyday being a "cheat" day to eating a healthy diet consistently. 

Everyone deserves a fresh start, but I know that it can be SO hard to get there without someone cheering you on.  Well, I'm ready to cheer for you, if you're ready to take the leap. We're going to build your foundation of health and wellness, together, based on your unique needs. I can't wait to hear from you!

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