In 2018, Michelle partnered with digital freight-booking company, Convoy. Their technology, a website and mobile app, creates smarter routes that efficiently batch shipments for truck drivers, helping them and their small businesses thrive, saving on transportation costs and curtailing environmental waste. The job of truck driver is one of the most prevalent in our country, but unfortunately, one of the unhealthiest. Poor nutrition, being sedentary for long hours and uncomfortable sleeping conditions contribute to outrageously high statistics for heart disease, obesity, diabetes and so on. To serve and support drivers, Michelle developed Highway to Health with Convoy,  a multi-platform health initiative which is free to Convoy drivers and designed to provide them with tools that they need to take charge of and improve their health and wellness. 



Michelle has partnered with leading indoor stadium cycling and fitness powerhouse, FlyWheel Sports, since 2014 to lead nutrition programs associated with several FlyWheel fitness challenges.  In Fall of 2018, Michelle will host a series of "tune up" wellness events for FlyWheel, designed to amplify its' athletes performance through prescriptive and attainable nutrition guidance.    



Michelle is a frequent health and wellness contributor to Genneve, a women's health care company dedicated to helping women navigate through the challenges of menopause by connecting them with health professionals, products and forums with others who are going through similar experiences. Michelle provides practical nutritional guidance that can help women manage uncomfortable hormonal symptoms.

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