3 Reasons Why Mindful Eating is a Must

Yesterday I woke up and all I wanted for breakfast was a piece (or three) of toast with peanut butter and jelly on the homemade bread that I had made earlier this week. Homemade bread is something I recently added to my repertoire, because I’m sick of feeding my family preservative-laden store-bought bread. Because I had a killer workout ahead of me, I needed a protein kick, so I made egg whites with shallots and chives and I felt energized into lunch time.

The point of sharing this revolves around mindfulness. I woke up, thought about how I wanted to feel that day and decided what food was going to produce the desired effect.  I start 99% of my days this way, and as a result, most of them end on a healthy, feel good note. I’m not telling you to not eat toast/bread, but I am telling you to consistently be mindful of what you put into
your body.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. You will have much less regret. If you actively think about what you
plan on eating that day versus eating “on the fly”, you will have far
less regret about your choices and will most likely consume fewer calories.

2. You will feel like a success. If you have a nutrition-based plan for how you want your day to begin and end and you stay the course, I promise that you are going to feel successful and great about yourself. And when your clothes are fitting you well as a result of your hard work, that’s inspiration to consistently be mindful!

3. Because empty calories are just that – EMPTY. When you snack on things mindlessly like processed or high sugar foods, does that make your tank feel full? And how do you feel emotionally? Food should fuel your body and fill your soul with goodness, so when you are about to grab for a hand of your kids’ Goldfish, RUN the hell away and find a handful of blueberries or raw cashews instead!

Charlee Van Wagenen