Hot Momma Spotlight on My Hometown Hero

It’s BTS season and with that, the September Hot Momma Spotlight is shining on Alison Tintle, a fierce, fantastically fit, full-time working Mom of three.  Born a quintuplet, she had no choice but to create her own version of Beast Mode, which is probably why she has such a high threshhold for all of the craziness life has thrown at her since her 5 year old twins were born at 28 weeks here in Seattle.  Herein, some of her secrets for keeping it all in check…

How do you juggle a full-time job, three kids, a crazy social schedule and stay so healthy and fit?
I look at health and fitness like a wellness tripod. It’s about creating the right physical, nutritional and emotional habits.  The physical part is easy for me—I crave the “me” time in my nonstop world so I make it a priority to get some sort of exerciseevery morning—even if I only have 15 minutes.  As for the nutritional part, a bunch of pesky allergies have really forced myfamily to be more aware of what we are eating, and the upside has been much cleaner eating. And the cleaner you eat the worse you feel when you eat junk. (Keep in mind I don’t consider anything homemade to be junk, especially a good chocolate chip cookie!).  Emotional wellness is about tuning in to find your own personal balance. Sometimes that means going out with friends, sometimes it might mean staying in to be with my kids. Sometimes its sleeping in, sometimes its pushing myself. Sometimes its a glass of wine!

What’s been the best thing about going Gluten Free/Dairy Free?
My family was plagued by rashes and various allergies so for me, seeing the cause and effect of omitting gluten and dairy is pretty compelling.

Favorite workout?
My favorite workout involves a little of everything. 10 minutes of jumping rope, 10 minutes of stairs, 10 minutes of running with lots of lunges, push ups, tricep dips and planks in between.


What advice do you have for working moms who want a Fresh Start but don’t feel like they have the time for it?
The trick is finding little pockets of time and small opportunities to sneak in activity. Take the stairs. Have a 10 minute dance party with your kids. Turn a work meeting into a walking meeting. Stash a pair of weights in the TV room and do some arm exercises when you are watching TV. Think in terms of little work out intervals, not giant time commitments. Just do your best to make the most of the time you do have every day and feel good about what you can fold in.