How Acupuncture Gave Me a Fresh Start

A few weeks ago, I injured my left foot in an indoor soccer match and I’ve been limping around ever since. As someone who loves to run, cycle, take barre class and run around with my kids, this has put a major cramp in my style. My first stop was to the podiatrist, who didn’t deem an x-ray necessary and didn’t see a major cause for concern. His RX was Advil, ice and a better pair of indoor soccer cleats! Made enough sense to me, and I followed the regimen, but a week later the pain was even worse. I was desperate to find a solution, and remembered that my friend who is a track coach told me that she sends all of her injured athletes to an acupuncturist and they typically see immediate results. What choice did I have? I called my acupuncturist friend, Annie, and headed to her office.

If you had told this Pennsylvania native 10 years ago that I would be seeing an acupuncturist, I probably would have laughed in disbelief. My younger, less educated self would have shrugged it off as something only hippies do. Having lived on the West Coast for many years now, I have become more enlightened and open to trying new foods, new forms of exercise and even acupuncture!

So, on Wednesday, I limped into my friend Annie Robbins office and I WALKED confidently out the door. Incense sticks, needles, mugwort, SAY WHAT?! YUP, she gave me a full workup with these basic tools and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Annie practices Five Element Acupuncture which is distinct from other forms of acupuncture, in that it treats the underlying energetic causes of illness, removing blockages and restoring harmony to body, mind and spirit.

The benefits of the treatment weren’t limited to my foot; I felt so physically and emotionally restored, it was as if I had had an hour long massage. I’ve been sleeping better, too, and overall, feel great and hopeful that I can completely recover from this injury with one or two more treatments. Acupuncture can be used to treat any number of things, but Annie specializes in the treatment of adjunctive cancer care, infertility, depression and anxiety, as well as digestive, immune and gynecological disorders.

So what would I say to my 29 year old self now? You’ve GOT to try this and NO it doesn’t hurt (that bad). The benefits far outweigh the pain of the pinprick!

Cheers to a Fresh Start!