My Favorite Things from the Oprah Tour

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend in Seattle with my Mom, who flew from Florida just for the event. We were escorted to our seats behind Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love glory, and immediately started jamming to the sounds of the adorable DJ Kiss.  My dear college friend Amy – who works for Oprah(!) and I can thank for the sweet tickets – met us at our seats and casually announced that we’ll be meeting Oprah after the show that night. Mom and I exploded in tears and giggles; after all we’ve been watching her together since the beginning.

This event was so empowering that I’m still on a post “O” high and need to share what I learned. There were no free cars given away or makeovers, just a helluva lot of good advice.

Herein, My Favorite Things about the Oprah tour:

Inspiring words from Elizabeth Gilbert: “The world is exploding with miracles – go get it.”  She couldn’t be more accurate. Sometimes we get so immersed in our own little bubbles that we forget what a gift life is and that miracles are there for the taking. We just need to take action to make it happen.

The super amped workout from Stacey Griffith, co-founder of Soul Cycle:  Stacey had an entire arena of people moving and grooving during a 15 minute workout. Stacey’s message:  keep your body in motion and you’ll be rewarded with a nourished mind, body and soul. As a health coach and cycling enthusiast, I couldn’t agree more. Your healthy body is a gift from the gods – now move it! Stacy, I can’t wait to Soul Cycle when I’m in NYC this December!

A powerful message from the high priestess herself, Oprah Winfrey: Oprah shared so many juicy tidbits of wisdom during the weekend that I felt like a kid in a candy store. Which piece of wisdom do I want to bite on first?  Oprah challenged her audience to “Create the highest grandest vision for your life. Then let every step move you in that direction.” This really resonated with me, as I changed career paths this past year after spending nearly 15 years as a marketer.  I knew that I needed to use my passion for health and wellness to help others so I became a health coach. It was a scary decision to make a change like that in my late 30’s and I’m still evolving, but I’ve never looked back.  This wisdom also served as a great reminder that we have one life and we should make the most of it.

Overall, this experience taught me that My Favorite Things aren’t actually tangible things at all – they are family and friends, special moments and life events, good health and the ability to help others.

It was also a great wake up call. The Life I Want is right in front of me.