Find the Anthem that Fuels Your 2019

Happy New Year! I haven't written a post in a while but I'm in content generation mode because I'm excited about what 2019 has in store; 2018 was a bit of a doozy. Professionally I accomplished some great things, but personally, I lost a few people who were very dear to me and it took me down, way down. I dug deep, tuned into the advice of some of my favorite spiritual and self-help gurus and I can now finally say that I grew and learned from the experience. During a long holiday vacation with my family, I reflected on these experiences and decided that, no matter how hard it was, I stand by all of my decisions. As I peered into 2019, I wanted to find a way to build on the strength of this foundation and creating resolutions didn't really fit the bill. I realized that instead of creating resolutions, I needed to find a personal anthem. A song that continues to fuel my positivity, productivity and continued health/wellness goals for me and my family. 

By definition, an anthem is a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body or cause.

An anthem typically evokes emotion (some good, some bad), but it makes you FEEL. What inspired me to find an anthem was a song that played on a recent Peleton of my all time faves, Thunderstruck by AC/DC. This song has ALWAYS moved me and inspired me to take action. The electricity of that guitar intro and the raspy voice of Lee Robinson sets me on fire. When I used to run short marathons, this is the song that I started each race with. It lit me up, kept me focused and motivated me throughout the journey. There were races when I played the song four or five times in a row! 

With that said, I'm declaring 2019 the year of the anthem, and I want you to choose an anthem for yourself that makes you FEEL and inspires you to DO. Choose a timeless song that you'll never tire of, no matter how much you tap into it to fuel your day. Rock, jazz, opera, rap, it doesn't matter, it just needs to move you. 

Once you find your anthem, decide how you want to use it. What are two ways in which you want it to move you? Mine:

1) Fuel my professional growth by kickstarting one EXCITING new project (launching soon!).

2) Reach my cycling fitness goal: 600 rides on the Peloton. 

I was ThunderStruck in 2018, but I am striking back in 2019. Here I come. Are you with me?  

Cheers to your health,